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Theta Rho Girls Club

Theta Rho Girls Clubs and Junior Odd Fellow Lodges offer an opportunity for boys and girls of the age of eight through eighteen (8 - 18) to become acquainted with the principles of Odd Fellowship. It provides them with a chance to learn and grow into the kinds of citizens we want to inherit our Country, into whose hands we will pass the reins of government, and upon whom we must depend for the preservation of our way of life. It also affords them the benefit of learning to speak in public, mixing with other youth, and above all, improves their knowledge of the people and things around them.

Arkisgo Theta Rho Girls Club #1 was instituted on February 29, 1932 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This coming February the club will celebrate is 75th Anniversary – the diamond jubilee. It is one of the oldest Theta Rho Girls Clubs in the United States, second only to a club in Colorado that was instituted sometime during the month of February the same year, 1932.  During its 75 years the club has seen times of plenty in terms of members, but there have also been times when their membership was very low. 

Arkisgo currently has only seven active members, but the girls are working hard to build their club.  They are working closely with Alpha Junior Lodge #1, which is the oldest Junior Lodge in the United States, to plan both fun and charitable activities around the upcoming holidays.  Harmony Odd Fellow Lodge #1 and Triple Link Rebekah Lodge #10 sponsor the clubs and many events are planned in conjunction with these lodges.

Arkisgo #1 hosted a reception in honor of their 75th Anniversary on Sunday, March 11, 2007 from 3:00 - 5:00  at 1101 Indian School Rd. NE. Click Here for photos.


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